Senin, 15 Maret 2010


hi guys.....
i'm so happy today
because , today is my birthday
my mother gave me a pair of trousers
and my father will give me a dvd , a novel and a comic....

well ... now it is my holiday because my teacher went to bandung for an interview at the international school ...
my teacher promised that she'll bring a gift from bandung
at home ,i spent all my time reading a book
the book is general knowledge
oh..... it makes me bored!!
but i think the questions are very hard
because the questions discuss about indonesian history , indonesian location , and jambi
i don't know anything about jambi ...
i mean i don't know about the history of places in jambi like makalam bridge
so we tried to find a book about jambi in the jambi library
but the library is always closed
so i think i'll study with my father.... or my mother "e_>

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